Introducing Amazon Funnels by Squaredance: Revolutionize Your Affiliate Marketing

Take control of your Amazon presence. Learn how Amazon Funnels can help you maximize your affiliate efforts to drive more traffic directly to your Amazon storefront.

Squaredance team

November 13, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • New Feature: Squaredance introduces Amazon Funnels, enabling Affiliates to direct traffic straight to a Brand’s Amazon storefront.
  • Immediate Impact: Launch more campaigns and collaborate with a diverse range of affiliates across over 20 marketing channels to boost Amazon traffic.
  • Effortless Integration: Easily connect your storefront in just a few clicks. Set payouts at the funnel level and discover Amazon-specific offers with ease.

The Game-Changer for Amazon Storefronts

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our newest feature: Amazon Funnels, allowing Affiliate Partners to start sending traffic directly to a Brand’s Amazon storefront. 

Big Win for Brands

Traditionally, brands faced limitations in directing third-party traffic to their Amazon storefronts. In the competitive landscape of North America’s leading eCommerce platform, growing a brand's presence has been challenging.

With Amazon Funnels on Squaredance, the game changes.

Now, brands can link their Amazon storefronts and establish product-specific funnels on Squaredance effortlessly. This feature also encourages more Affiliate Partners to collaborate with brands, as many Publishers and Influencers prefer directing traffic to reliable third-party sites.

An added bonus: Brands earn 10% Cash Back on every Amazon sale generated through Squaredance, as part of the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus.

Bigger Win for Affiliates

Many affiliates already participate in Amazon Associates, attracted by its extensive offer range. However, its 1-day attribution window and a mere 3% commission rate can be limiting for top-tier affiliates.

Amazon Funnels on Squaredance changes this with a 14-day attribution window and payouts nearly 20 times higher!

Discover Amazon Campaigns: We’ve simplified the process of discovering Amazon-specific campaigns for Affiliates, available directly from their dashboard, Discover tab, and Launch Pad.

Funnel-Based Payouts

Not all sales - or storefronts - are equal, so we’ve also added funnel-based payouts. Brands can now tailor payout rates for specific funnels, giving them control over prioritizing their most valuable products and storefronts. Affiliates can also balance which funnel will work best for their specific purposes, taking sales volume and trusted sales channels into consideration.

Funnel Payouts

Addressing the Traffic Challenge

Digital storefronts today grapple with the challenge of capturing and analyzing external traffic to boost their Amazon presence and sales. Previously, a lack of streamlined connectivity between storefronts and external traffic sources kept many brands from properly scaling and standing out.

The Squaredance Solution

Enter Amazon Funnels, a dynamic new feature on Squaredance that enables brands to partner with high-conversion affiliate marketers. It opens the doors to traffic from over 20+ marketing channels, turning it from a mere possibility into a tangible reality.

For affiliates, Amazon Funnels presents opportunities to join more campaigns and direct traffic to one of North America’s most trusted third-party platforms, get extended attribution windows, and receive higher payouts, while partnering with reputable DTC brands.

Embrace the Future of Affiliate Marketing

As we introduce this innovative feature, brands and affiliates can anticipate a future where driving traffic and tracking sales are seamlessly integrated into their Amazon sales strategy. Amazon Funnels empowers you to manage your affiliate partnerships effectively, control your payouts, and witness firsthand the growth of your sales.

Get Started with Amazon Funnels

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