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Squaredance is a new customer acquisition engine that connects DTC brands with media buyers, publishers, & influencers to grow sales in 20+ online channels.

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Why Squaredance

Squaredance was built from our collective 15+ years of experience operating an affiliate agency & network. We understand the challenges and what it takes to make these programs successful.

As the affiliate space continues to grow, the platforms need to evolve. And more importantly, they need to give agencies leverage so they can do their best work.

Squaredance is - and will continue to be - the most convenient platform with the most progressive features to enable successful partnerships between brands, agencies & affiliate partners.  

Why agencies love working with Squaredance

Squaredance has a marketplace of the world's largest media buyers, publishers,and creators. This is by design. We want brands, agencies, and partners to formulate partnerships that unlock significant economic value.

We’ve attracted this audience because the platform has been designed to help brands develop high-converting campaigns that grow sales in every online channel.

When the campaigns convert, everyone wins.

Here are a few more reasons why you will love launching your agency on Squaredance:

Scale quickly, and globally
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Squaredance is built for customer acquisition at scale. If you have product market fit, Squaredance will help you find new customers and increase your sales. We do this by using AI to recommend you the best partnerships to save time during discovery, allowing Brands and Partners to recruit one another, and offering Partners the fastest payouts in the industry so they can easily put money back into your campaigns.

High earning potential
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We want to help agencies grow their business as fast as possible. When you’re successful, that means our affiliate and brands are too! Beyond your monthly retainer, we payout agencies a generous percentage based on monthly revenue.

No setup fees, no monthly SaaS fees
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When Brands use Squaredance, they only pay for sales. No setup fees and no monthly SaaS fees. Squaredance only gets paid when a sale is made on our platform (learn more about our payment structure here). This is why so many brands are joining Squaredance. There’s no risk. Brands are free to start and stop whenever they wish, with no commitment.

Launch campaign in under 20 minutes
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We want you getting brands launched quickly. So we’ve made onboarding as simple as paint by numbers. Either the brands can sign up, or you can do it for them. From setting your campaign criteria, to placing pixels, to pressing the ‘publish’ button in our marketplace, you can have a campaign setup from start to finish in as little as 20 minutes. Completely automated and dare we say, fun.

Simple to use
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We often get touted as one of the prettier platforms out there. But we are most proud of how easy Squaredance is to use. This is by design. Affiliate marketing is hard enough. We wanted to build a machine that even the most novice marketers can operate.

Work with high-quality affiliate partners
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We want to work with the highest quality affiliates. It’s not important to us if you launch a campaign and get 300 inbound messages from affiliates that, let’s be honest, won’t be able to deliver to your expectations. Quality over quantity is most important and every affiliate has a profile where you can learn more about them and what their capabilities are. Transparency is key in the platform, and this is what keeps our affiliate base honest and enables the cream to rise to the top.

Manage all your campaigns in one place
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In Squaredance, you can manage as many brands as you wish. And we hope you do! To help with these efforts, we’ve built one easy-to-use consolidated dashboard where you can manage everything in one place. From reports, to campaign setups, to messages and beyond, we’ve built the tooling to make your agency experience convenient and remarkable.

Join our slack community
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Our community of brands, affiliate partners, and agencies is extremely active and performance-driven, providing great insights on what they're doing to find success on and off of Squaredance.

Case Study

How Paul Street grew from $0 to $150k in 6 months

Aaron Paul was able to build a thriving agency with some of the top DTC brands in just a few months, all by leveraging Squaredance.


Brands Launched


Campaigns Launched


Lifetime Earnings


Sales Generated


Leads Generated

Brands - Bonafide Health, Hexclad, Solawave, Magic Mind, Coterie, Beam, and more.

“The revenue and volume Squaredance have been able to deliver continue to make waves in our business.”
Paul Kalka, Senior Growth Manager
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How is Squaredance different from other platforms?

We offer agencies the highest earnings potential

Squaredance is an ecosystem that lives on performance. To do that, we’re focused on only working with high-quality brands, partners, and agencies that are committed to collaborating to drive success.

Comparison Table
Other Platforms
No Long-Term Contracts or Subscription Fees

Squaredance is built on a pay-per-sale model, with no contracts, no monthly fees, and no SaaS fees.

Access to Paid Media Buyer Affiliates

Squaredance is one of the only platforms that features paid media buyers. They are also paid-per-sale and spend their own money to place your ads.

Co-pitching Prospective Brands

We will help you pitch prospective brands to demonstrate the value of operating on our platform to help you close more leads.

Direct Access to Company Leadership

You get direct access to our entire leadership team, as well as 1:1 support for every single campaign.

Get Referrals from the Platform

Squaredance will refer new and existing brands to your agency to help facilitate better partnerships.

Agency Dashboard Views

Our agency dashboards let you analyze every brand campaign from one screen, making it quick and easy to track your metrics.

Squaredance is built for everyone

Finally, a platform that's easy to manage, scale, and drives sales - in one place. Every partner benefits.

Huge Earnings Potential

Bring Your Own Brands

Convincing brands to join Squaredance is easy since we have no contracts, no registration fees, and no monthly SaaS fees. Brands only pay for sales, so it's risk-free.

Shared Revenue Model

We want agencies to help manage our brands since it leads to more success. That's why we share our commission fees with agencies, paying out our partners every month.

High Quality = High Growth

We place a premium on only working with high-quality affiliate partners, which has allowed our brands to scale campaigns at a rate not seen on other platforms.

Only Pay for Sales

Get Setup in Minutes, not Months

Brands can setup and launch campaigns in less than 20 minutes with our Pixel Helper Tool. Plus, our Shopify and Amazon integrations can have your pixels placed in seconds!

Scale Campaigns with Media Buyers

We are one of the only affiliate platforms to feature paid media buyers, who use their own money to run your campaigns. No more lost budget to learning and testing.

Only Pay For Sales

We’re one of the only pay-as-you-go platforms, with no contracts or monthly fees.

Get Paid Faster

Get Paid Faster

No more waiting around. Affiliates get their hard-earned cash as often as every week.

Standardized, Higher Payouts

Squaredance handles all payouts, so every brand has the same terms. More money in an affiliates pocket, no guesswork.

Work with Top Brands

Promote big names like Happy Head, Onnit, MUD\WTR, Neuro, Obvi, Goli, NomNom, and many more. More popular brands = more money earned.

What kind of affiliates work in the Squaredance marketplace?

Buyer media icon

Paid Media Buyers

Get paid traffic from search, social, display, and hundreds of other networks to find new customers.


Build trust and awareness with content from leading publishing houses, niche bloggers, and everything in between.


Capture customer interest with UGC and curated pieces from influencers who can drive sales.

Agency Services are in high demand on Squaredance

Day-to-day Management

Onboarding a brands campaigns onto Squaredance

Affiliate recruitment & management

Managing affiliate payments & program ROI

Managing creative workflow


Campaign Development

Build compelling brand offer strategies

Create conversion-focused landing pages that effectively sell the brand's offers

Optimize landing pages to ensure optimal performance for affiliate partners

Easily manage Brands with DTC and Amazon storefronts

Partner Recruitment & Management

Recruit high-quality affiliate partners for the program

Manage day-to-day inquiries & troubleshooting requests

Make deals with top-tier partners to unlock higher sales volume

Ensure partners adhere to brand guidelines & program terms of service

Tracking & Reporting

Facilitate the tracking & attribution to validate all sales

Optimize payouts up or down based on the quality of customers to maximize ROI

Facilitate campaign/funnels setups

Program Growth & Scale

Launch differentiated campaigns & seasonal offers

Create incentives that motivate top affiliate partners to scale

Manage the content development & sharing workflow to help affiliates maximize performance

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Reviews from our Agency Partners

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“We've built hundreds of scalable, incremental, and long-term affiliate relationships over the past 4 years on squaredance.”

“Squaredance is blazing a new path for marketers and brands alike, removing the barriers and opening up opportunities through its innovative platform. Our goal is to leverage their platform to create meaningful relationships and business opportunities where everyone wins.” 

“I always recommend my clients launch an affiliate program on Squaredance if they want to work with high-quality media buyers with the ability to scale. They are amazing and your best chance at building a high-growth affiliate program with media buyer affiliates.”

"We share a lot of alignment on affiliate marketing approach and practice. We love Squaredance's responsiveness, agility, hunger, weekly payouts, and strong technical chops to solve problems, build a great community, educate and grow awesome brands.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do agencies earn on Squaredance?
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Agencies typically charge a monthly retainer and Squaredance pays a generous percentage of gross traffic value (eg. payout X the number of sales). Inquire within for earning percentages as they vary.

How long does it take to onboard our agency on Squaredance?
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Squaredance was built to enable the easiest onboarding experience. Follow our 5-step onboarding process, and you can have a campaign live in our marketplace in as little as 20 minutes or less.

Is Squaredance a sub-network?
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Nope. Squaredance is a platform & marketplace. Our platform enables brands to track, attribute, and report on any sales an affiliate generates online.

Our marketplace is where brands can connect, communicate, and co-create online campaigns that drive sales in every online channel. Brands and agencies can power their entire affiliate program on Squaredance.

How much does it cost brands to use Squaredance?
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When Brands use Squaredance, they only pay for sales. No setup fees, and no monthly SaaS fees. Squaredance only gets paid when a sale is made on our platform, with a 10%-15% fee on the weekly affiliate payout, varying on the sales volume. This is why so many brands are joining Squaredance. There’s no risk. Brands are free to start and stop whenever they wish, with no commitment.

Do agencies have to pay to use Squaredance?
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Never. We want agencies earning on Squaredance, not the other way around. Your services amplify the value of our technology, and our goal is to continue making products to improve the value of your services and increase your earning potential.

When do agencies get paid on Squaredance?
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We pay our agencies monthly through wires, ACH, or any other payment option that our payment provider enables. Inquire within for all payment options.   

How is Squaredance different from other affiliate platforms or networks?
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Short answer: many ways! But here are a few examples for context: 

  1. We have the largest catalogue of paid media buyers who work on a pay-for-sale commission model.
  2. Brands only pay for sales. No Setup or recurring SaaS fees or long-term commitments.
  3. Every feature on Squaredance has been developed to improve the performance of a campaign for both brands AND affiliates. We’ve also created an active community to help educate our users on how to build the most performative affiliate marketing programs that scale.
  4. Squaredance is one of the simplest and most intuitive platforms on the market. At least that’s what our customers keep telling us :)

What attribution model does Squaredance use?
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Squaredance has a 28-day attribution model that's built on last touch. The 28-day window re-opens if a new interaction with one of the affiliate's pixels is fired.

Squaredance pixels will also attribute the sale to the last referring partner. Meaning, if a customer happens to click on more than one ad from multiple Squaredance partners and makes a purchase, the sale will only be attributed to the last affiliate partner that referred the customer.

Will Squaredance refer us brands?
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100%. We want our clients to build profitable and scalable programs on Squaredance. Agencies serve a ton of value in making that a reality. You can count on us to provide referrals to your agency. If you’re really good, you can count on us to send you A LOT of referrals. 

How do I get started?
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Fill out the form below and you will have already completed 50% of the process! We want to make it easy for you to get started, not throw up roadblocks.

We look forward to potentially working with you.

Ok, I’m ready! How do I join?

Onboarding is easy. Just fill out the form below and setup a discovery call to learn how we can help your agency succeed on Squaredance.