At Squaredance, you only pay for customers,
not clicks or impressions

It’s free to sign up for Squaredance. There are no setup, or recurring monthly platform charges. Brands are only charged a 15% fee for any sales made by partners. The 15% fee can be discounted as low as 10% based on weekly revenue thresholds that are achieved.


  • Access to every platform feature
  • We manage and pay all partners for you
  • Access to unlimited playbooks and tutorials
  • Add unlimited partners to your program
  • Feature in Squaredance marketplace
  • Access to the Squaredance slack community
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No credit card fees
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No monthly fees
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No credit card fees
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No monthly fees
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No credit card fees

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Squaredance only charges brands a 15% fee of their partner payout X weekly number of sales. For example, if your payout is $60 and your partners generate 300 sales in any given week, the fee would be calculated as follows:

60 X 300 = $18,000

15% (base fee) of $18,000 = $2,700

* fee discounts are applied when revenue thresholds are achieved, as per the

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What payment methods do you support?

Squaredance accepts credit card providers like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners club, and JCB. 

Is there a cancellation fee?

Squaredance is a pay-as-you-go solution. You can start and stop whenever you like, and we do not charge cancellation fees of any sort.

Does my payout to partners include your fee?

Our fee is charged on top of the partner payout. Remember, you can always adjust your partner payout to reflect our fee.

When do I pay for the sales that are made by partners?

Squaredance manages the partner payout process for you. We pay your partners every Friday based on the number of sales multiplied by their payout in the prior week. Every Monday, we charge a payment to you for any sales generated in the previous week.

Is there a minimum budget required?

Squaredance was built for small and medium-sized businesses. Our model is flexible, especially for new ecommerce brands starting out. We do not require minimum budgets or spends. You can increase your budgets at whatever pace you wish.