Squaredance is advertising in balance.

We’ve created the tools and technology to build the only Partner Marketing Platform we’d ever use.

Our People and Culture

Squaredance is a team of committed individuals united by our shared values. Those values  – Persistence, Curiosity, Process Drive and Humanity – are the guiding principles that produce meaningful work, creating exponential value for everyone advertising touches: brands, publishers, influencers, media buyers, and even consumers.

And when we do more than espouse these values, when we live them daily, they engage and motivate our team.



Process Drive


Our Approach

Squaredance is more than a technology platform. It’s a concept brought to life by people coming together around a common goal. Whether that is our internal teams or the users we serve, collaboration and co-creation is always the answer to solving complex problems. Our values and culture inherently support and direct the way we work to create user experiences where value is the natural outcome.

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Meet our Founders

Steve Jukes


"There are three disciplines that best capture who I am as a person: Science, Music and Sports. While the three don’t seem to go together, for me they always have. Be it pouring over box scores and stock market listings in the newspaper in the pre-internet world, performing on the trumpet in an orchestra, or scoring goals in a hockey game, these three things have always been the major components of my life.Whether by chance or by fate, I find myself in the ideal profession where my passions converge. Performance marketing on the internet is driven by the science of numbers, the art and creativity of marketing, and the win-as-a-team, lose-as-a-team camaraderie of sports. I am truly fortunate to lead a team that shares the power of performance marketing with the world every day and has fun doing it."

Matt Dobson

Head of Corporate Partnerships

"I am a natural optimist. I believe that anything is achievable through a mixture of persistence, problem-solving and hard work. These values have served me well in my career as a ‘sales guy’ and relentless performance marketer. These days, I'm focused on honing my skills in leadership and strategy as my team, and I embark on a journey to build a platform and marketplace that aims to democratize digital advertising for small and medium-sized businesses through partnership and collaboration. I’m thrilled to contribute my knowledge and experience in building a product that helps entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. My only regret is not doing it sooner. When I’m not working, I spend most of my time with my wonderful family and friends, reading and lurking in group chats."

Ian Elliott


"Most of my friends would probably describe me as two things: fiercely competitive and a relentless problem solver. I apply these to everything I do, and they’ve taken me in some drastically different directions over the years. I’ve honour listed in 5 different majors, been ranked #1 globally in multiple video games, won national programming competitions, and alternate between training in endurance sports and eating way too much. I’m internally optimistic and externally pessimistic, and an expert at making the impossible, possible. Performance Marketing fuels me by providing me with a high stake proving ground to endlessly optimize and out-execute the competition."