Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the top FAQs asked by brands and partners of all types.

Brand Questions

How much does it cost?
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Squaredance only charges brands a 15% fee of their partner payout X weekly number of sales. For example, if your payout is $60 and your partners generate 300 sales in any given week, the fee would be calculated as follows:

60 X 300 = $18,000

15% (base fee) of $18,000 = $2,700

* fee discounts are applied when revenue thresholds are achieved, as per this scale:

Base Fee ⮕ Weekly Volume
15.00% ⮕ 0 - $24,999
14.50% ⮕ $25,000 - $49,999
14.00% ⮕ $50,000 - $99,999
13.00% ⮕ $100,000 - $149,999
12.00% ⮕ $150,000 - $199,999
11.00% ⮕ $200,000 +

What payment methods do you support?
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Squaredance accepts credit card providers like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners club, and JCB.

Do I have to sign a contract?
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Nope! We offer a pay-for-sales model. Free to sign up, no contracts.

Is there a cancellation fee?
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Nope, none. Seriously!

When do I pay for the sales that are made by partners?
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Squaredance operates on a weekly payment model; this allows us to be attractive to several other categories of affiliates who are not on other platforms. You pay us weekly, and we pay affiliates out on your behalf weekly.

Does my payout to partners include your fee?
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Typically, no. Our fee is charged on top of the partner payout. That said, you can always adjust your partner payout to reflect our fee.

Is there a minimum budget required?
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Squaredance was built for small and medium-sized businesses. Our model is flexible, especially for new ecommerce brands starting out. We do not require minimum budgets or spends. You can increase your budgets at whatever pace you wish.

Do you integrate with Shopify?
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Yes! You can download our free Shopify App to easily connect your store to Squaredance. Once connected, you can build your first campaign in a few minutes.

What types of partners can I work with?
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We have a diverse range of high-quality partners including paid media buyers, publishers, creators, and agencies, some of which are exclusive to our platform.

Can I bring my own Partners to a campaign on Squaredance?
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Absolutely! Set up your first campaign and we'll provide you with a link that brings them to the Squaredance platform and automatically prompts them to apply to your campaign.

How do I find partners for my campaign?
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We automatically order Partners based on how well they meet your campaign needs, but also provide a Match Score to help you determine which Partners are likely to actually join your campaign. Both of these solutions use intelligent machine learning, based on our historical data.

You can discover new partners manually in our partner library, using a number of filters to help you find the best Partners for your campaign.

How long does it take to sign up and launch a campaign?
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Signing up and launching your first campaign only takes a few minutes of your time. If you're a Shopify merchant, it takes even less time when you connect your store via our free Shopify App.

To sign up, all you have to do is answer a few questions so we can personalize your experience based on your preferences, and provide some details about your campaign.

Once you're live you can start recruiting partners and watch your sales grow!

How many Partners can I work with on a campaign?
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Work with as many partners as you want! There are absolutely no restrictions, which is one of the main benefits of using Squaredance since you only pay for sales generated on our platform.

What channels do you support?
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Our partners are experts in 20+ channels, so you can rely on their versatility to combat market-driven dips and ad platform volatility.

Some of our most popular channels include:

- Google

- TikTok

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Bing

- Yahoo!

- DuckDuckGo

- YouTube

- Ecosia

- Snapchat

- Gmail

- Pinterest

- Twitter

- Reddit


How do I refer another Brand to Squaredance?
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Once you've launched your first campaign, you're eligible to participate in our referral program! If your referral creates an account with us and begins to make sales, you receive a 1% commission per sale for one whole year. Now that's an appealing offer!

Partner Questions

How much does it cost?
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Squaredance is free for partners that want to join our platform.  

How do I get started?
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Getting started is simple. It takes less than 5 minutes. 

You can Sign up here:

How do I make money?
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Brands pay affiliates a fixed commission for every sale they make. We have brands paying as high as $100 commission per sale. Affiliates are free to choose the campaigns they want to promote that have the most competitive payouts.

When do I get paid?
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Squaredance pays out commissions every Friday. We want you to commit and build your business on Squaredance. We pay out faster than other platforms to ensure your commitment and loyalty. 

How are the sales I generate tracked and attributed to me?
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Squaredance supports multi-event tracking, which uses pixels placed across all campaigns on the platform. We support a last-click model, so irrespective of whether or not a customer purchases from your link immediately or days or weeks later, you will still be attributed the sale you initiated. You can log into your affiliate dashboard at any time to see your sales, earnings, conversion rates etc., in real-time.

What do I need to qualify as a Partner?
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We welcome all types of partners on Squaredance! Whether you're a media buyer, publisher, creator, or agency, as long as you're committed to driving results for brands, you can qualify to join our platform.To join, you can apply here.

I'm a paid media buyer. Can I join the platform?
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Yes, you can! Media buyers are a crucial part of our ecosystem and are welcome to join our platform. To join, you can apply here.

I'm a publisher. Can I join the platform?
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Absolutely! Publishers are an essential part of our platform, and we welcome them to join us.To join, you can apply here.

I'm an influencer. Can I join the platform?
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Yes, you can! Squaredance welcomes influencers, brand ambassadors, and content creators to join our platform.To join, you can apply here.

I run an agency. Can I join the platform?
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Absolutely, agencies are more than welcome to join our platform! We have a diverse range of partners, including agencies, on Squaredance. To join, contact us here.

What types of brands are on the Squaredance platform?
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Squaredance works with a diverse range of DTC brands across various verticals. Our portfolio includes brands in Health & Wellness, Supplements & Vitamins, Beauty & Skincare, Food & Beverage, and many more.

How do I join a brand's campaign?
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To join a brand's campaign on Squaredance, simply fill out your profile with information about your expertise and preferences. Then, browse through the Discover page to explore the available campaigns. You can learn about each brand's offer, available assets, commission payout, and more by checking out their profiles.

If you have any questions, you can start a conversation with the brand directly in the platform. When you're ready to join their campaign, click "Apply" and answer a few of the brand's questions. Once the brand reviews and approves your application, you're ready to start earning!

How do I refer a brand or other partners?
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The Squaredance referral program is another way for you to earn more commission when you refer new partners or brands to our platform! If your referral creates an account with us and begins to make sales, you receive a 1% commission per sale for one whole year. Now that's an appealing offer!