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Drive More Sales Through Affiliate Partnerships with Amazon Funnels

Squaredance helps Amazon Storefronts and high-quality publishers, influencers, and paid media buyers collaborate to increase traffic and drive more sales.

Coterie Diapers
Truly Beauty
Cozy Earth
Alpha Brain
Neuro Gum
Javy Coffee
Nom Nom
IGK Hair
Little Passports
RYZE Coffee
Doe Beauty
Buster Box

It’s free to sign up for Squaredance. There are no setup fees or recurring monthly platform charges. Brands are only charged a 15% fee for any sales made by partners. The 15% fee can be discounted as low as 10% based on weekly revenue thresholds that are achieved.

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For Brands

Work with Affiliates to improve every stage of your buyer’s journey

With a strong mix of publishers, influencers, and paid media buyers, our affiliate network can start driving conversions for different mediums, channels, countries, and parts of the sales funnel.


"The revenue and volume they’ve been able to deliver continue to make waves in our business."

Paul Kalka

Senior Growth Manager


"Squaredance helps us tap into a world of new partners that don’t work on traditional affiliate platforms."

Homer relies on Squaredance to tap into a world of new partners that don't work on traditional affiliate marketing platforms.

Galen Schneider

Affiliate Manager

Colon Broom

"Squaredance is a partnership manager's secret weapon. Their platform makes it simple for us to connect and grow sales with partners that can deliver results."

ColonBroom trusts Squaredance as its affiliate marketing platform because it makes it easy for them to grow sales with partners that can deliver results.

Ruta Puzelyte

Affiliate & Partnerships Manager


"Squaredance is more than just software. It’s an incredible tool and community where we learned how to build and scale our campaigns."

SolaWave uses Squaredance and leveraged its knowledgeable community to help them learn how to build and scale campaigns.

Andrew Silberstein


For Affiliates

Work with top-rated brands and send traffic to the most popular ecommerce platform in North America

Send traffic directly to Amazon for more customer trust, a smooth point-of-sale, and top-rated brands to tap into bigger commissions.

Ok, I’m ready. How do I join?

Onboarding is easy. Start a free Squaredance account, complete your profile, and build or apply to Amazon campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m already an Amazon Associate. Can I join?
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Absolutely! You can sign up to become an affiliate on Squaredance in minutes. Sign up here.

How much does it cost brands to use Squaredance?
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Squaredance only charges brands a 15% fee of their partner payout X weekly number of sales. For example, if your payout is $60 and your partners generate 300 sales in any given week, the fee would be calculated as follows:

60 X 300 = $18,000

15% (base fee) of $18,000 = $2,700

* fee discounts are applied when revenue thresholds are achieved, as per this scale:

Base Fee ⮕ Weekly Volume

15.00% ⮕ 0 - $24,999

14.50% ⮕ $25,000 - $49,999

14.00% ⮕ $50,000 - $99,999

13.00% ⮕ $100,000 - $149,999

12.00% ⮕ $150,000 - $199,999

11.00% ⮕ $200,000 +

What attribution model does Squaredance use?
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Squaredance supports multi-event tracking, which uses pixels placed across all campaigns on the platform. For Amazon, we support a 14-day last-click model, so irrespective of whether or not a customer purchases from your link immediately or days or weeks later, you will still be attributed the sale you initiated. You can log into your affiliate dashboard at any time to see your sales, earnings, conversion rates, etc., in real time.

I don’t have an Amazon storefront. Can I still use Squaredance?
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Yes, you can still use Squaredance for most eCommerce platforms, with easy integration for Shopify and Shopify Plus storefronts with our Shopify App.

Can I bring my own Amazon Associates or other Partners to a campaign on Squaredance?
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Absolutely! Once you set up your first campaign, login to Squaredance, select the Partners tab, scroll down to the “Quick Invite” section, and click “Copy Link”. Share this link with your existing Partners, which will allow them to automatically apply for your campaign!

Can I use Amazon and Shopify on Squaredance?
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Yes! Squaredance allows you to connect multiple storefronts to your account, with quick integrations for Amazon and Shopify. You can also send traffic to both storefronts within the same campaign, or create campaigns specifically for each storefront. The choice is yours.