How Squaredance helps you grow your business

We summarize who we are, why we exist, how our program works, and the different types of partners we connect brands with.

Squaredance team

January 13, 2023

What is Squaredance

Squaredance is a platform and marketplace that connects e-commerce brands with partners (media buyers, publishers, and influencers) to acquire sales in every online channel. The best part is that brands only pay when partners generate sales, not clicks or impressions. 

Squaredance makes it simple for brands to connect, track and manage large networks of partners that want to help them sell their products or services across the internet.  

Why Does Squaredance Exist

Advertising on the internet is more challenging than it used to be. 🤷‍♂️

The old playbook of pouring all your budget into Facebook and Google ads is no longer sustainable, at least not for most small & medium size e-commerce businesses trying to grow. 

Alternatively, brands are now flocking to Squaredance as a new vehicle to simplify the complexities of online marketing and rising ad costs. Instead of building bulky internal teams or hiring expensive ad agencies, brands can create unique direct-response campaigns with affiliate partners to learn, experiment and grow sales in desired channels and markets. 

Leveraging partnerships is a cost-efficient and scalable approach that brands are taking to tap into the collective wisdom of the global marketing community. 

How Squaredance works, in 5 steps

1. Connect

Simply connect your store, upload creative assets, and set your campaign criteria (desired channels, geos, cap, brand guidelines etc.)

2. Set Your Commissions

Set a fixed commission per sale (CPA) that your affiliate partners will earn for any sales they help you acquire. You can change this CPA anytime or set custom CPAs for specific affiliates based on their customers' quality metrics. 

3. Publish Your Campaign

Once you complete the onboarding steps, publish your campaign to the marketplace and begin approving affiliate applications. 

4. Connect With Affiliates

Affiliates are intelligently recommended to your campaign via our matching algorithm, or you can prospect them directly within the marketplace. Every affiliate has a bio so you can communicate directly with them via our messenger tool.

5. Launch

Once you’ve approved which affiliates to partner with for your campaign, navigate to your reporting dashboards to monitor their success.

What Type of Affiliates Work With Squaredance? 

Paid media buyers

Search, social, and display media buyers who spend their own budgets using their ad accounts within channels like Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Taboola, and many others to promote your campaigns. 


These affiliates own websites like blogs, listicles, review sites, and newsletters to help you promote your campaigns. They typically write an article and include affiliate links and banners to drive sales for your products/services.  


These affiliates leverage platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and others to publish posts from their social profiles to promote your products/services. 

Are you ready to grow your sales? 

Getting set up and live in our marketplace is simple & fast. Click here to sign up now!

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