A New Way to Browse Campaigns

A FYP but for affiliate campaigns. Squaredance’s Discover page just got an upgrade to help you find campaigns that are aligned with your preferences and historic performance.

Squaredance team

June 25, 2024

Enhanced Browsing Based on Community Insights

Selecting the right campaigns for your specific audience is critical for running successful affiliate programs. Based on feedback we received from our community, we re-imagined how partners search and compare campaigns. After weeks of fine-tuning, we're thrilled to announce our revamped campaign library, designed to make your selection process more intuitive, effective, and aligned with your unique success metrics.

This new system is designed not only to streamline your efforts but also to enhance your potential for higher earnings and better conversion rates.

Staff Picks: Expert-Selected Campaigns

Imagine having a seasoned marketer curating potential successful campaigns for you. That’s what our "Staff Picks" are all about. Selected by our knowledgeable staff based on a variety of success factors like promising funnels and historic performance, these campaigns are marked with a "Staff Picks" badge on your dashboard and the Discover page. They are our best bets for your next big win.

Inspired by our weekly email, “The Dealer,” our curated staff picks are accessible on the platform at all times. View Staff picks on your Dashboard as soon as you log in, or on the Discover page.

Geo and Vertical-Specific Recommendations

Your past performance can help predict future wins. That’s why we’re leveraging your historic performance in certain verticals and countries and offering recommendations based on the ones you’e seen most success with.

Unique categories are presented to you based on your historic performance and personal preferences.

Comprehensive Campaign View

By popular demand, affiliate partners can now see and search ALL campaigns, regardless of their categories.

Find the best fit by viewing all campaigns. Go to Discover > See All Campaigns.

Plus, we’ve added a list view that presents essential metrics such as payouts, countries, and funnel types so you can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. This feature draws inspiration from our popular leaderboard layout, facilitating a direct comparison of opportunities.

Switch to List View to compare campaigns against important metrics like payouts, countries, funnel types, and more.

Discover Hidden Gems

Don’t miss out on the new browsing experience that makes your campaign-selection a breeze. Log in now to discover the hidden gems you've been searching for. With curated selections, facilitated comparisons, and data-driven recommendations, your next top-performing campaign awaits you.

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