Webinar: Trending in Affiliate Marketing

Learn about what's trending in affiliate marketing and how you can capitalize on them.

June 28, 2023

Learn about what's trending in affiliate marketing and how you can capitalize on them.

DTC brands are being faced with a number of new realities:

  1. Inflation is driving more consumers to shop around and seek savings.
  2. Customer acquisition costs continue to increase with more competition and rising ad costs.
  3. Influencers keeps taking a bigger piece of the marketing pie.
  4. Higher interest rates are pushing publishers to source more strategic partnerships to grow their offerings.
  5. The affiliate marketing industry is expected to grow annually by 16% until 2026.

Learn about "Trends in Affiliate Marketing" and hear from our very own Matt Dobson and special guests, Aaron West and Aaron Paul, as they discuss these changes and how you can capitalize on them.

In this webinar, you'll gain:

  • The latest trends that are shaping the face of affiliate marketing
  • Actionable strategies to navigate these trends
  • How brands can build strong relationships with publishers
  • Expert advice to future-proof your affiliate marketing approach
  • A live Q&A where you can pick the brains of both Aarons
  • Insights into the trends shaping the future relationship between publishing and affiliate marketing

About Aaron West

Formerly the Head of Business Development & Monetization at WikiHow and previously at Red Ventures, where he drove customer acquisition and generated $100+ million in annual product sales revenue.  Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience on the inner workings of publishers, what they’re looking for in a partnership, and how the publishing industry is evolving.

About Aaron Paul

Founder and CEO of Paul Street, a partner and affiliate marketing firm specializing in transforming affiliate channels into major customer acquisition sources for mid-market brands. His prior experience includes generating over $180 million in affiliate revenue for major brands and running performance brand campaigns for high-profile companies like Lululemon, NBA, Meta, Disney, Nike, 7-Eleven, and ESPN.

About Matt Dobson

Co-founder of Squaredance and Head of Corporate Partnerships, Matt is an affiliate and performance marketing expert and has a constant drive to make the industry more equitable, transparent, and profitable.

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