Boost campaign performance with a hybrid payment model

Get the best of both worlds by pairing a traditional CPA model with one-time payouts.

Squaredance team

August 14, 2023

Are you ready to take your campaigns to the next level? At Squaredance, we're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking feature that challenges the traditional affiliate payment model. 

Say hello to Boosts, a one-time payout you can send to Partners. 

What are Boosts?

Boosts are designed to tackle the challenges faced by both brands and affiliate partners. We're expanding beyond the traditional cost per acquisition (CPA) model by complementing it with one-time cash incentives. This means brands can now offer affiliates upfront cash outside the standard CPA, providing partners with a powerful incentive to collaborate. 

Your Shield Against Uncertainty 

There are risks involved for affiliate partners who spend their own money to test campaigns. With Boosts, brands can make their campaigns irresistible by offering an upfront payment. Partners ease the risk of promoting untested campaigns, while brands get to engage new Partners who could open doors to new customer segments.   

No Track Record? No Problem.

One of the key metrics that Partners look for when testing a new campaign is how a campaign has performed historically. However, this is a difficult metric to measure for a newly launched campaign. Monetary incentives like Boosts help to bridge that gap and encourages Partners to consider new and exciting opportunities with untested campaigns from smaller Brands. 

Relationships are built on trust (and performance!)

A great way for brands to motivate and show appreciation for high-performers are through cash bonuses. Partners will get recognized for their hard work, and brands will see a boost in sales. 

How it Works

Boosts are easy to set up. Here's how to get started: 

To get started, navigate to the campaign and then to the partners tab. Scroll down to “Manage Partners” and select the partner you’d like to send a Boost to. 

Once you’ve selected the partner, you’re ready to set the boost amount. 

The boost appears on your next invoice, and your partner receives it on their next payout. It's that simple!

Experience the Power of Boosts

The future of successful campaigns and strategic partnerships is here. Are you ready to transform the way you collaborate and drive results? Log in to your Squaredance account now and explore Boosts for yourself.

Haven't joined us yet? Book a live demo with us to see Boosts in action and learn how Squaredance can change the game for you. Your success story starts here.

Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity. Try Boosts Now and unlock the potential for campaign excellence and rewarding partnerships like never before.

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