This Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy captured the hearts & wallets of Moms around the world… including Jennifer Lopez.

What you'll learn:
✔️ How they leveraged their USP for performance marketing
✔️ How they built a content engine
✔️ The impact of celebrity endorsements
✔️ How they framed their payout structure

Who is Goli?

Goli is a people-focused health & wellness brand that specializes in creating products that make taking daily supplements easy and enjoyable. They're best known for being the pioneers of apple cider vinegar gummies.

This direct-to-consumer (DTC) company has a strong online presence and a growing customer base, who are dedicated to providing exceptional service and creating products that support a healthy lifestyle.

Company Size: 100+ employees
North America
supplements & vitamins; nutrition; health & wellness


Learn how Goli leveraged Squaredance to recruit a diversified mix of affiliate partners to increase product awareness and scale customer acquisition in North America.

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